The Executive

Executive Officers for 2016-2017

President: James Camilleri

1st Vice President: Martin Miller

2nd Vice President: Donna McCombe

Past President: Kim Reinhart

Secretary: Bram Eberhardt

Treasurer: Kim Reinhart

Poppy Chair: Linda Hollyoake

Memberships: Linda Miller / Martin Miller

Ladies Auxiliary Officer: Frank Sills

Sports Officer: Kim Reinhart

Building Chair: Mike Barrow

Training and Organizational Development: Kim Reinhart

Canteen Sub-Committee: Norm Lacasse

Ways and Means: Karen Sangwin-MacPhail

Public Relations: TBA

Service, Sick and Visiting Seniors: Russ Falshaw

Youth Education: Faye Falshaw

Sgt. At Arms: Norm Lacasse

Webmaster: Allen Sant